New Teen Titans vol 03 TP


New Teen Titans vol 03 TP


An amazing new volume collecting NEW TEEN TITANS #28-34 and NEW TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #2! Tara Markov is rescued from kidnappers by Changeling. Thus begins her quest to use her powers over earth and gravity for good, and join the team as Terra. Does this obnoxious young powerhouse have what it takes to be a team player?

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Written by Marv Wolfman, George Perez

Art by George Pérez & Various

Cover by George Pérez

In these NEW TITANS tales from issues #17-20 and TALES OF THE NEW TEEN TITANS #1-4, a childhood friend of Kid Flash is in trouble, and the Titans join together to help her. And, after a battle that almost destroys the Titans’ Tower, it becomes clear that there is someone very powerful at work behind the scenes.

224 pages, softcover, full color

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: 16/09/2015

Language: English

ISBN: 978140125854251999