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The Eternals by Jack Kirby Monster-Size hardcover

Written by Jack Kirby
Art by Jack Kirby
Cover by Jack Kirby

Experience the Eternals like never before in this super-sized edition! The limitless imagination of Jack “King” Kirby unleashed countless creations into the world of comics. Captain America. The Fantastic Four. The Avengers. The X-Men. Each timeless creation was imbued with Kirby’s inescapable graphic power, his boundless capacity for capturing the human condition and his eternal search for meaning in the cosmos. And Kirby’s The Eternals revealed an entire new realm of heroes! Once worshipped as gods, this fantastic group left Earth to explore the stars after warring with the Greek, Roman and Norse pantheons for supremacy over humankind. But the Eternals are just one part of a cosmic mythology. Their opposites – the Deviants – also secretly populate Earth. And the towering cosmic entities that created both – the Celestials – are fated to return and judge us all! Collecting ETERNALS (1976) #1-19 and ANNUAL #1.

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Προσθήκη στη Λίστα Αγαπημένων

384 pages, hardcover, full color Publisher: Marvel Comics Release Date: 06/01/2021 Language: English ISBN:978130292701159999

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