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Marvel Premiere Classic the Thing Project Pegasus hardcover

Written by Ralph Macchio, Mark Gruenwald
Art by Sal Buscema, John Byrne
Cover by George Perez  

Project: PEGASUS hires the Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed One as a security chief, but what’s the point if the place is already filled with super-villains in the first place? Featuring Hercules and Thundra, Deathlok and Dr. Strange, Captains America and Marvel, Man-Thing and…Classic Thing? Plus: action in Olympus and the Nexus, Hollywood and Yancy Street! New identities for THREE super heroes! All this AND Super Hero Poker Night! What a deal! Collecting MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #42-43 & 53-58.


Προσθήκη στη Λίστα Αγαπημένων
Προσθήκη στη Λίστα Αγαπημένων

160 pages, hardcover, full color Publisher: Marvel Comics Language: English ISBN: 9780785138112

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