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Green Arrow 80 Years of the Emerald Archer Deluxe hardcover

Written by Various
Art by Various
Cover by Jim Lee, Scott Williams

Green Arrow celebrates 80 years of adventure with this new hardcover collection of his greatest tales! These era-spanning stories include Oliver Queen’s first appearance from 1941, along with the legendary anti-drug “Snowbirds Don’t Fly” by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams. Plus, the opening chapter of Mike Grell’s storied “The Longbow Hunters,” a pivotal Justice League adventure starring second Green Arrow Connor Hawke, an untold tale from the hero’s TV adventures, and much more. Collects More Fun Comics #73, Adventure Comics #246 and #259, Green Lantern #85 and #86, Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #1, Green Arrow #100-101 (1994), JLA #8-9, Green Arrow #1, #17, and #75 (2001), Green Arrow and Black Canary #4, Secret Origins #4 (2014), Arrow: Season 2.5 #1, and Green Arrow: Rebirth #1.

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Προσθήκη στη Λίστα Αγαπημένων

416 pages, hardcover, full color Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: 23/03/2021 Language: English ISBN: 9781779509147

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