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Bowen Designs: Loki Statue

A Bowen Designs Release! Prince of Lies, the Trickster god himself, Loki is one of the most powerful villains of the Marvel Universe, and the frequent foe of the Asgardian Thor. The fertile imagination of master sculptor Randy Bowen brings forth the Frost Giant this incredible representation of Thor’s foe! This interpretation captures Loki seated upon his throne, plotting his next attack on Thor and Asgard. Sculpted by the Kucharek Brothers and measuring in at over 12″ tall, Loki includes an interchangeable left hand (holding either a challis or spear). Painted and ready to display.



Προσθήκη στη Λίστα Αγαπημένων
Προσθήκη στη Λίστα Αγαπημένων
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