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Batman: The Demon Trilogy HC

Written by Mike W. Barr & Dennis O’Neil
Art by Norm Breyfogle & Various

What connects Batman and the villainous Ra’s al Ghul? Find out in this collection of three 1980s graphic novels! How did Ra’s al Ghul become the villain that he is? How would a union between his daughter Talia and the Dark Knight benefit him? Why would he want to father an heir? Follow along as Batman lives through and tries to unravel the mystery behind the mind of Ra’s al Ghul!

Collects Batman: Birth of the Demon #1, Batman: Bride of the Demon #1, and Batman: Son of the Demon #1 at their original published dimensions of 8.5″ x 10.875″.


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Προσθήκη στη Λίστα Αγαπημένων
Προσθήκη στη Λίστα Αγαπημένων

304 pages, hardcover, full color Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: 22/09/2020 Language: English ISBN: 9781779504500

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