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18 CosmicPoints in COSMIC POINTS

20th Century Boys Perfect Edition vol 09 tp

Written by Naoki Urasawa
Art & Cover by Naoki Urasawa

Darkness covers the world as the forces of evil take control. The Friend has become the President of the World and rules with absolute power from behind the giant wall of the city of Tokyo. Most of the world believes that the Friend is their savior, but below the surface, a resistance group led by “The Ice Queen” begins to make its move. The only one capable of ending this nightmare, she plans an armed revolt—but then a ray of hope shines from an unexpected corner…

20.00 18.00

2 σε απόθεμα (επιπλέον μπορεί να ζητηθεί κατόπιν παραγγελίας)

Προσθήκη στη Λίστα Αγαπημένων
Προσθήκη στη Λίστα Αγαπημένων

424 pages, softcover, b&w Publisher: Viz Media Release Date: 16/09/2020 Language: English ISBN: 978142159969451999

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